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medical university of verna

Students must choose the Medical University of Verna, Bulgaria as a destination for pursuing MBBS career. The Medical University of Verna was founded in 1961 at Verna, Bulgaria. The institute has always done what is necessary for running the smooth learning process and developing the students into medical professionals to serve the needy people. It has more than 50 years of history in training both Bulgarian and foreign students coming to earn medicine knowledge from different parts of the globe.

Varna Medical University offers a modern environment with unlimited opportunities, high-tech laboratories for practice, a library with internet access, high-level of security with CCTV cameras, multi-cuisine food in campus canteen, learning and teaching atmosphere, highly qualified faculty members with decades of experience in the medical field.

The Medical University of Verna has the main goal of training medical specialities to develop them into medical professional doctors.

The candidates must hurry up to grab the limited seats for the MBBS program at The Medical University of Verna, Fill the application form with correct details and submit it before the deadline date.

Medical University of Verna: Quick Highlights 2021

Refer to the table mentioned below for the main facts about Medical University of Verna:

Intake for MBBS CourseDecember
NEET ExaminationYes
Tuition Fees9400 USD
Course Duration6 years
Teaching LanguageEnglish
University RankingCountry Rank – 5
World Rank – 4414
University RecognitionNMC & WHO

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Why Study MBBS at the Medical University of Verna?

Among the reasons international medical students choose Medical university of Varna for studying MBBS:

  • The Medical University of Verna has the most modern technologies for better medical education.

  • The institute offers reasonable tuition fees to the worldwide medical aspirants coming to pursue medicine.

  • The Medical University of Verna offers financial aid (Student Loans) from local affiliated financial institutions.

  • Medical students at Varna Medical University provide the opportunity to the students to participate in educational exchange programs abroad.

  • The Medical University of Verna invests special attention and significant funds in the development of simulation training methods.

  • The students of the Medical University of Verna have rich opportunities to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in a real environment.

  • The Medical University of Verna has numerous clinical bases located throughout the country.

  • The Medical University of Verna provides rich opportunities for its students to participate in national and international scientific events and several research projects.

  • The Medical University of Verna has active international relations (the university partners with 91 international partners from 5 continents)

  • Every year the Medical University of Verna conducts various guest lectures for the students from leading universities worldwide.

  • The Medical University of Varna hosts many extracurricular practices including summer schools, various modules and seminars.

  • The Medical University in Varna is the only one in the country that offers its students sailing training on its own sailing boats. Music, dance and theatre lovers can join a university rock band, a folk dance troupe or a student theatre troupe.

  • The Medical University of Verna offers an affordable fee structure for studying MBBS education

  • The Medical University of Verna is officially recognised by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and listed in the world health organization (WHO).

  • The medium of teaching the MBBS course at the Medical University of Verna is the English language.

  • The Medical University of Verna is having well-developed infrastructure equipped with all basic facilities.

  • The students at the Medical University of Verna are awarded the medical degree which is globally accepted.

  • The Medical University of Verna has qualified medical staff who are helping the students in clearing all doubts during MBBS education.

Medical University of Verna: MBBS Fee Structure 2021

The Medical University of Verna is providing an affordable fee structure to all students:

ParticularAnnual Fees
Fees in Euro8000 Euro
Fees in USD9419 USD
Fees in Rs6,59,330 Rs
1 USD – 70 Rs (approx)

Eligibility Criteria

Students should fit into all criteria for MBBS program enrollment at Medical University of Verna:

  • The candidate must complete the age of 17 years old as on 31st December of the admission year.

  • The Indian students must score good marks in NEET examination.

  • The citizens of countries who are not members of the EU and EEA can enroll after submitting documents and admission confirmation through the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.

  • The applicants applying for the MBBS program in the English language must score good marks in English language proficiency test.

  • English language proficiency certification is not required for the citizens of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Ireland, the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and also the candidates who completed their secondary education in these countries, the students can submit a diploma for high school completion in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand with good scores in the English language.

  • The foreign applicants must complete secondary education with Biology and Chemistry subjects.

  • The candidate should score 70% of the average mark in Biology and Chemistry subjects from the Diploma of secondary education.

Admission Process

Following are the steps to take admission for MBBS course at Medical University of Verna:

 Fill up the online application form available on a Medical University of Verna

The applicants must quickly upload the scanned copy of all important documents and submit the form.

The Medical University of Verna will send an invitation letter to the selected individuals within 2 weeks of time.

After getting an invitation letter, the selected students have to pay the first year MBBS program tuition fee.

The students must apply for the student visa process, as it will take a long time for processing.

The candidate should take the valid visa and fly to achieve a successful career in medicine.

Documents Required

The students striving to learn medicine at Medical University of Verna should submit all essential documents to carry out the admission process without any hassles:

  • The candidate needs to submit their SSC mark sheet and HSC mark sheet during the MBBS course admission at the Medical University of Verna.

  • The candidates must submit the application form filled properly while applying for the MBBS course at the Medical University of Verna.

  • The students should take a Birth certificate to enroll in the Medicine program.

  • It is necessary to carry a school-leaving certificate/ transfer certificate provided by the previous institute.

  • The Indian students looking for MBBS admission at the Medical University of Verna must carry NEET results and admit cards.

  • The candidates will need a valid passport copy to pursue a medicine career in the Medical University of Verna.

  • The applicants must submit the migration certificate for MBBS admission.

  • Carry passport size photographs for course admission at the Medical University of Verna.

  • The students must pay the first-year fee and carry a bank payment receipt during MBBS admission time at the Medical University of Verna.

  • A medical certificate is essential to carry during MBBS course admission.

  • The students must also submit the Covid-19 test report to enroll in the course.

  • The candidates should carry the caste certificate for admission in MBBS course.

Medical University of Verna - MBBS Duration

The Medical University of Verna will provide 6 years of MBBS course education to the students striving to pursue medical studies:

  • The Medical studies at the Medical University of Verna last for six years (ten semesters and one-year of state clinical internships – 310 calendar days).

  • ​​​​The 6-year MBBS program will allow medical aspirants to enroll in the medical school directly from high school.

  • The MBBS program is designed in an organised manner for the students coming from parts of the world, and are strongly motivated, good command of English medium and interest in medicine.

  • In this 5 years MBBS course, the students are provided with theoretical as well as practical knowledge of basic medicine programs with the proper guidance of teachers.

  • The students must undergo 1 year of compulsory internship at the end of MBBS education.

  • In the last year of the medicine program, the students are exposed to practical purposes by working under the direct guidance of the assistants and instructors with high academic positions in the different clinics by handling patients.

Course Offered at Medical University of Verna

The Medical University of Verna provides different courses to worldwide medical aspirants:

general medicine 3


dental medicine 2

Dental Medicine

pharmacy 3


health sciences

Health sciences

Medical University of Verna - MBBS Syllabus

The curriculum of the 6-year medical education in the English language is completely identical with the coursework pursued by Bulgarian medical students at Medical UMD Curriculum

No SubjectNumber of Lectures/ SeminarsECTS CreditsType of examination
2Cytology, General Histology and Human Embryology50/407Examination
3Human Biology30/304Certification
5Latin Language and Medical Terminology0/302Certification
6Physical education and sport0/301Certification
7Human Anatomy and Histology15/305Certification
8General Bulgarian language-А130/120Certification
І year - Summer semester:
NoSubjectNumber of Lectures/ SeminarsECTS CreditsType of examination
2Human Biology15/305Examination
4Latin Language and Medical Terminology0/302Examination
5Physical education and sport0/303Certification
6Social Medicine and Biostatistics15/153Certification
7Human Anatomy and Histology30/6010Certification
8General Bulgarian language-А230/1202Examination
ІІ year - Winter semester:
NoSubjectNumber of Lectures/ SeminarsECTS CreditsType of examination
1Disaster Medicine15/303Examination
2Social Medicine and Biostatistics30/306Examination
3Human Anatomy and Histology30/606Certification
6General Bulgarian Language – B10/120Certification
7Physical education and sport0/301Certification
ІІ year - Summer semester:
NoSubjectNumber of Lectures/ seminarsECTS CreditsType of examination
1Human Anatomy and Histology45/759Examination
4General Bulgarian Language – B20/1502Examination
5Physical education and sport0/301Examination
ІІІ year - Winter semester:
NoSubjectNumber of Lectures/ SeminarsECTS CreditsType of examination
1Medical Ethics15/153Examination
2General Pathology60/304Examination
3Medical Psychology15/153Examination
4Hygiene and Ecology30/302Certification
7Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases30/905Certification
8eneral and Operative Surgery30/454Certification
9Terminology and Communication in Medical Practice0/90Certification
ІІІ year - Summer semester:
NoSubjectNumber of Lectures/ SeminarsECTS CreditsType of examination
1Hygiene and Ecology30/302Examination
4Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases30/907Examination
5General and Operative Surgery30/605Examination
7Roentgenology and Radiology15/152Certification
8Clinical Pathology15/153Certification
9Terminology and Communication in Medical Practice0/902Examination
10Summer Practice after VIth Semester30 days
ІV year- Winter semester:
NoSubjectNumber of Lectures/ SeminarsECTS CreditsType of examination
1Мedical Genetics30/302Examination
4Roentgenology and Radiology30/453Examination
5Clinical Pathology15/302Certification
7Obstetrics and Gynaecology30/302Certification
8General (Family) Medicine17/162Certification
9Internal diseases – Part 145/906Certification
ІV year- Summer semester:
NoSubjectNumber of Lectures/ SeminarsECTS CreditsType of examination
1Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation15/302Examination
2Occupational Diseases15/151Examination
5Clinical Pathology30/302Examination
7Family Medicine17/161Examination
8Internal Diseases – Part 145/908Examination
9Obstetrics and Gynaecology 30/453Certification
10Dermatology and Venerology15/302Certification
12Clinical laboratory30/302Examination
13Summer Practice after VIIIth Semester30 days
V year - Winter semester:
NoSubjectNumber of Lectures/ SeminarsECTS CreditsType of examination
1Orthopaedics and Traumatology30/604Examination
3Аnesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive care30/302Examination
4Obstetrics and Gynaecology30/454Examination
5Dermatology and Venereology15/302Examination
8Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases, Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine30/302Certification
9Forensic Medicine and Deontology15/01Certification
10Internal Diseases – Part 2​45/1205Certification
V year - Summer semester:
NoSubjectNumber of Lectures/ SeminarsECTS CreditsType of examination
3Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases, Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine 30/604Examination
4Forensic Medicine and Deontology30/302Examination
5Internal Diseases – Part 260/12010Examination
7Clinical Pharmacology14/192Examination
VІ year: Internship
NoSubjectDuration in daysECTS CreditsType of examination
1Internal Diseases8516Examination
4Obstetrics and Gynaecology5010Examination
5Infectious diseases, Epidemiology, Hygiene and Social Medicine​​358Examination
6General medicine142Certificate for conducted training
NoSubject DepartmentNumber of Lectures/ SeminarsECTS CreditsAvailable after Semester
1NeurobiologyAnatomy and Cell Biology34/162I
2First Aid at Home and in the OfficeDisaster Medicine and Maritime Medicine0/151II
3Medical Psychology and SociologySocial Medicine and Health Care Organization30/1105III
4Molecular Biology in MedicineBiochemistry, Molecular Medicine and Nutrigenomics30/02IV
5ImmunologyPreclinical and Clinical Sciences30/02V
6Maritime PathophysiologyPhysiology and Pathophysiology10/202V
7Maritime IncidentsDisaster Medicine and Maritime Medicine0/302I
8Information Systems and TechnologiesSocial Medicine and Health Care Organization30/02VI
9Emergency medicineAnaesthesiology, Emergency, Intensive and Maritime Medicine16/122VII
10Support for breastfeedingHygiene and Epidemiology8/222VII
11Cardiac Surgery of Acquired Cardiovascular Diseases in AdultsSurgery28/122VII
12Protection of the Eye HealthOphthalmology and Visual Sciences10/202VIII
13Tropical MedicineInfectious Diseases, Parasitology and Dermatovenereology45/642IX
14Contemporary neuroscience: nanotechnology, personalized and translational medicineNeurology and Neuroscience16/142IX
15Abdominal ultrasound in gastroenterologyES Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition24/02X
16Clinical HaematologyES Haematology14/02X

Medical University of Verna Ranking 2021

Refer Uni Rank to find out the country & world ranking of Medical University of Verna:


Medium of Teaching

The medium of instruction at the Medical University of Verna in English:

  • At the Medical University of Verna, the practical sessions, lectures and examinations are conducted in 100% English language.

  • Learning the Bulgarian language is also compulsory for the students during the first 3 years of the MBBS program.

  • The students must learn the Bulgarian language to have a proper interaction with the patients to avoid the misunderstanding of the patients from the third year onwards.

Facilities Provided at Medical University of Verna

The Medical University of Verna is equipped with modern housings for international students on the university campus:



library 1




hostel 1


security 2


cafeteria 1




sports 1




Accreditation and Recognition

The Medical University of Verna has been officially accredited and recognised by various medical bodies:

  • The Medical University of Verna is recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Varna Medical University is accredited by the National Agency for Evaluation

  • The Medical University of Verna has accreditation at the Council of Ministers in the execution of the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Bulgaria.

  • The medical degree is recognized in all European Union Countries, European Economic Area countries and beyond.

  • The Medical University of Verna has the approval of National Medical Commission (NMC)

Hostel & Accommodation

The Medical University of Verna provides the top class hostel for the worldwide medical students at the university campus area:

  • The institute has developed infrastructure where necessary conditions of students are fulfilled.

  • The faculties distribution by dormitories and also the date of commencement of settling into the hostel is approved by rector orders.

  • The non-resident and foreign students are on a priority list to enjoy settling.

  • The hostels comprise all the regulatory requirements of the sanitary-epidemiological service and fire safety.

  • At some walking distance from the hostel, the students can access

  • Gymnasium

  • Cafes

  • Restaurants

  • Medical centre

  • Students at the Medical University of Verna have hostel facilities on the university campus on a sharing basis.

  • Students are provided with 2-3 beds in hostels

  • Mess facilities are available for all students.

  • Wifi facility in hostels is available 24*7.

Availability of modern amenities to the student -









study table

Study tables



Important Dates: Intake 2021

Consider the important admission dates to enroll in the MBBS program at Medical University of Verna:

Application Start DateNovember
Invitation LetterWithin 2 weeks
Admission Start DateDecember
Last Date of AdmissionDecember

Living Cost of Verna

Verna has affordable living expenses, The table below shows the average and approx cost of living in for a month which may vary from person to person and according to the living style of the students:

ParticularsApprox Range in USDApprox Range in RS
Food216 USDRs.15120
Transport18 USDRs.1260

About Varna City

Let's talk about the Varna city where the institute is located:

varna city
  • Varna city is situated near the seaside resort on Bulgaria's the Black Sea which is next to the coastal resorts of Golden Sands, St. Konstantin and Albena.

  • It has a total area of 238 km2 (92 sq mi)

  • The varna city is an important centre for business, transportation, education, tourism, entertainment and healthcare.

  • Established in 575 BCE.

  • Varna is the third-largest city in Bulgaria.

Varna has top sights for that attracts many tourists -

Aladzha MonasterySea Garden
Dormition of the Theotokos CathedralArchaeological Museum Varna
Roman BathsEuxinograd Palace
Varna AquariumVarna beach
Dolphinarium VarnaPriroden Park Zlatni Pyasatsi

Medical University of Verna- Important FAQs

Apart from the information provided, here are some frequently asked questions on Quora and Careers 360:

The Medical University of Verna offers 6 years of MBBS course followed by 1 year of mandatory internship.

Apart from the MBBS fee, there are other expenses too including hostel fees, transportation cost, clothes costs and meal costs etc.

USD is needed as a transportation cost during studying MBBS at the Medical University of Verna.

The Indian students must score good marks in NEET to enroll in the MBBS program at the Medical University of Verna.

The students will enjoy the hostel stay away from home due to the fulfilment of all requirements in one place.

The Medical University of Verna is the best choice to pursue an MBBS career as the students are provided with the top quality of medical knowledge along with all latest facilities.

November 2021 is the intake time of the MBBS course at Medical University of Verna.

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